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Wall Masonry Upkeep Tips

Must-Know Brick and Stone Maintenance Tips

For centuries, brick has been a popular building material used to construct homes because of its appearance, insulation properties, and the fact that it is extremely durable. In fact, when maintained properly, wall masonry can outlive its builders by centuries! The oldest brick home in the United States was built in the 17th century.

Inspect Your Masonry Each Year

One of the most important things you can do to prevent expensive damage to your brick home is to inspect its exterior every year for any signs of damage. Spotting problems early allows you to have them fixed before the problem worsens and becomes expensive to repair. When inspecting your brickwork, look out for signs of cracks or holes, or a crystal-like powder called efflorescence, bulges, rust stains, or spalling, which is flaking. You should also look for damaged mortar. Damaged mortar will allow water to seep in. It can cause structural damage. To check for damaged mortar, hose the brick down and see if the mortar is crumbling. If during your inspection, you can spot anything you believe is a cause for concern, it is critical you have repairs done as soon as possible.

Brick Sealing

Of course, one of the biggest threats is moisture damage. Rain that lashes against your home or seeps from the ground can eventually work its way into cracks found in your brickwork, which could potentially result in costly repairs. However, the biggest thing homeowners have to be worried about is the effect the winter freeze/thaw cycles will have on their bricks. During the winter, water will often seep into cracks found in your bricks, which will then expand once it freezes. This will expand the pre-existing cracks, causing structural damage to occur.

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